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Get your skin ready for the holidays!
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NeoGen Plasma Resurfacing

NeoGen Plasma Resurfacing is a cutting-edge rejuvenation treatment new to the US and new to Carlino Aesthetics! This advanced treatment rejuvenates the skin at a cellular level. NEOGEN effectively addresses fine lines, uneven tone, and texture issues, promoting collagen regeneration. Dive into a transformative experience and unveil a smoother, more radiant complexion with our cutting-edge plasma resurfacing.

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the O-Shot

This injection is a simple and painless procedure that has been widely successful in treating a range of age-related symptoms. It is perfect for older women wanting to enhance sexual desire by increasing clitoral sensitivity contributing to a stronger orgasms. It also helps to reduce pain during intercourse. 


Glass Facial

Introducing the Glass Facial

A glass facial is a skin booster using injectables that consist of micro-injections made of Sculptra with microdose toxin. Historically neurotoxins like Botox are injected into the muscles to inhibit movement. Now we can inject it into the outer layer of the skin via Microneedling to dramatically shrink pores and giving you an instant glass effect. The glass facial is known to leave a powerful hydrating, smoothing, glowing and plumping effect while also reducing pore size and assisting with a mild tightening effect.​

20% OFF

$60 Savings

  • Between November 1st-15th, take 20% off the #1 ranked chemical peel, our VI Peel! Perfect for addressing hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dullness and texture.


Get a Hydrafacial
for only $199

Between November 16th-30th, get a Hydrafacial for just $199. The ideal treatment for plumping and revitalizing dull, dehydrated skin.

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